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Hard Candy Drops


Handmade candies, old-fashioned nut brittles and fantastic fudges. We trace our roots back to 1934 where legend has it two brothers started a candy business to obscure the amount of sugar they were buying to make moonshine. We still use most of the original candy making equipment - copper pots, gas stoves, wooden paddles and lots of love and attention in every batch of our candy.

Old-Fashioned Hard Candies

Each batch of our drop candies are hand-crafted by our family using vintage equipment. Made in Thomasville, NC, these candies go way beyond Lemon. Try refreshing Wild Cherry or Gooseberry, or reach for an old favorite like Horehound or Licorice. Whatever you choose, you’ll enjoy long-lasting flavor and a taste of a down home favorite. Treat yourself and loved ones to handmade hard candies crafted in small batches. Because they come from our family to yours, you can be sure these candies aren’t packed full of preservatives or other junk. Just pure, sweet goodness that lasts for a long time.

Gift Tins

Shop our collection of gift and holiday themed tins, packed with your favorite candy flavor!