Candied Cashews

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Package Size: 4.0 oz.

We slow roast each batch of our cashews with just the right amount of sugar, cinnamon and vanilla to make the perfect snackable treat! Each 4 ounce bag is carefully packaged by hand to ensure the best possible quality.

These delectable nuts have so many great uses:

  • Eat them right our of the bag!
  • Add them to a salad as a gourmet topping with just the right amount of crunch!
  • Feeling adventurous? Mix them with other yummies in a homemade trail mix!
  • Yams and sweet potatoes - sprinkle them on top of baked, mashed or a casserole!

Our candy is cooked in a copper kettle with top quality ingredients before being formed by vintage equipment. We're proud to say our candies our family made in the USA!

Manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts, peanuts, dairy and soy products. Do not eat if you have allergies to these products.