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The Mallow Box was born to create original recipes and make high quality, great-tasting, creative marshmallow products and inspire moments of fun and deliciousness.

For years I've tried to come up with a business that would be more than a business. Something that would be fun, something I could feel passionate about. And something that would give people moments of happiness and deliciousness.

I started simple. As a local business, I started to work from my own kitchen. The business started growing and I moved it to a commercial kitchen. I still love to deliver or have them picked up at my place especially because I have been meeting so many nice and interesting people. Through the Mallow Box, I am doing more than business, I am starting friendships. We are creating a Mallow-loving-community! :)

Lots of Mallow love, but no MSG, no preservatives. Our recipes are very original and our Malookies (cookie marshmallows) are our specialty. Have you tried them yet? They are TO-DIE-FOR! Or so our customers tell us. We do not use any preservatives on our mallows..