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Brownie Batter

Cocoa at it's best. Brownie Batter is rich with flavor and sweetly smooth. Gluten Free Option Available

Chocolate Chip

Traditionally classic. Chocolate chip holds all the flavors you'd expect, and takes you back to eating the batter right from the bowl. Gluten Free Option Available

Cookies & Cream

Sweet, creamy and filled with all the Oreo crumble you could ask for.

Mint Chocolate Chip

Rich, cool and refreshing. Mint Chocolate Chip hits the spot when you want a delicious peppermint treat.

Peanut Butter

Buttery and peanuty are just a few words to describe our peanut butter cookie dough.

Reese's Mix

Rich and buttery go well with peanut butter and chocolate. Our Reese's Mix is sugar cookie on a peanut butter high.


Cinnamon and Sugar come together to make a warming treat that feels like home. That's our Snickerdoodle. Gluten Free Option Available

Sugar Cookie

Sprinkled with color, sugar cookie has just the right amount of sweetness to make this dough your favorite. Gluten Free Option Available



Life's a funny thing, and cookie dough just happens to make it better. When asked why I started this business, I always tell the story of getting to experience edible cookie dough for the first time (even though I had been eating it all my life), and then realizing there was no way for my community to experience it without traveling or ordering it online. Enter, the idea of starting Spoonful!

Edible cookie dough is meant to be enjoyed raw. So I spent a lot of time perfecting the dough. So much so, that my taste testers were very happy when I decided I had found the perfect mix. We use quality ingredients, no added preservatives and make it from scratch in the Spoonful kitchen. You're truly getting a delicious, safe product.

I love serving cookie dough to my community and the surrounding areas, and can't wait to serve you!