Chocolate Chip Gourmet Cookies with Milk Chocolate Chips

Personalized Sticker Option Limited to Names, Dates and Short Phrases up to 5 Words

These chewy chocolate chip cookies are exactly that! Chewy, chocolaty and delicious! We are proud to say that we use milk chocolate in our chocolate chip cookies and extra brown sugar to keep them extra chewy! (That's our secret!) All cookies come individually packed and labeled (pictured). All cookie orders are by the half dozen.

We offer personalized stickers for all of our cookies! Minimum purchase of 18 cookies to qualify for personalization options. Options are limited to names, dates and short phrases up to 5 words. Personalized stickers are $15/order of 18 cookies. Prices listed for personalized stickers include individually packed cookies and the $15 sticker fee (sticker fee is priced per 18 cookies).