Chewy Cherry Bomb Gourmet Cookies

Personalized Sticker Option Limited to Names, Dates and Short Phrases up to 5 Words

These Chewy Cherry Bomb Cookies are our favorite at Sweet Delicious Catering! Soft and chewy all the way through, these Cherry Bombs are an explosion of flavor in your mouth. They are rolled in Sugar in the Raw just before baking to offer a sweet, complementary texture. Made with only the best ingredients and made to order every time just for you! Each cookie is bagged individually and labeled (pictured). All orders are by the half dozen.

We offer personalized stickers for all of our cookies! Minimum purchase of 18 cookies to qualify for personalization options. Options are limited to names, dates and short phrases up to 5 words. Personalized stickers are $15/order of 18 cookies. Prices listed for personalized stickers include individually packed cookies and the $15 sticker fee (sticker fee is priced per 18 cookies).