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Welcome to GourmetAppétit.com's Fundraising Program where we help organizations raise needed funds.

With our fundraising program, your supporters can help your organization through the purchase of our unique holographic gift jars and gift bag sets. 

Our plastic re-usable gift jars come in a variety of designs to choose from with delicious, high-quality candy options in a variety of flavors to cater to every taste.

With our fundraising program, your organization can earn up to 25% profit with no money up front. Please note that our fundraising program is only available locally in Oklahoma City, OK and surrounding areas.

We make the fundraising process simple and easy to follow.

Here are the steps to take in our fundraising program:

Fill out our registration form below. Within 1-2 business days, we will contact you by email with an approval decision. Once approved, you will receive instructions on logging into your account and have access to a dashboard and a group page to view your progress.

Your fundraiser will run as long as you need in monthly increments from the date that you choose. When you select a date, please keep in mind that it can take up to 2 business days for an approval.

Get the word out. We will provide you with a link to your group's fundraising page so that you can contact family and friends in your community and direct them to your organization's fundraising page to place an order. You can use social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms to make people aware of your fundraising goals. We will provide some material that may help in your fundraising efforts.

Distribute your products and collect your profit. At the end of each month of your fundraiser, we will set up a date, time and location to deliver your products that you can distribute to your supporters in your community. There is no additional charge to deliver your products. For example, if your fundraiser lasts for 4 months, we will meet with you 4 times to deliver your products and also mail out your funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any up-front fees or hidden costs for my organization?
A: There are no up-front fees or hidden costs to participate in GourmetAppétit.com's Fundraising program. All products are purchased online by your supporters, and you’ll earn up to 25% profit for every product sold, which means that your organization will earn $2.00 to $3.00 for each purchased gift.

Who can run a fundraiser?
A: Both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, including schools, sports teams, places of worship, groups and other organizations located in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas can participate in our program.

If our group lives in another state, can we participate in your fundraiser program?
A: Currently, our fundraiser program is only available to organizations located in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.

We have family & friends who live outside of Oklahoma City, how can they support our fundraiser?
A: Family & friends outside of Oklahoma City are welcome to participate and can support your fundraiser by purchasing gifts for residents in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. Family & friends in other cities and states just need to let the recipients know that a gift has been purchased on their behalf and advise the recipients on how to receive their gifts.

What’s the minimum order?
A: There isn’t a minimum order, so we can help organizations both large and small.

What products are offered to purchase in the GourmetAppétit.com fundraising program?
A: Each jar is a plastic re-usable container that is uniquely designed with a holographic effect. The gift jars are only $7.99-9.99 each. Each gift bag set comes with a choice of 3 candy varieties. The gift bag sets are $13.99-14.99 each, which makes them more affordable and sell more easily. Your recipients will have a variety of designs and candies to choose from, such as butter toffee peanuts, gummy bears, life savers, Hershey's kisses, chocolate sea salt caramels, pecan caramels, malted milk balls, ultimate malted milk balls, mint cookies malted milk balls, hard candy drops, fruit sours, Australian licorice, taffy, jelly beans and more.

How are the gifts delivered?
A: Your supporters purchase online with a credit card/debit card in a secure shopping cart with no shipping fees. After confirming a drop off time and location with your organization, the gifts are delivered to your organization by a GourmetAppétit.com representative at no additional charge.

I have some food allergy concerns. How do I find out what’s in your products?
A: For each product, there is an allergen tab and a nutritional information tab that will provide you with a product label for each candy or nuts.

How long does my fundraising campaign last?
A: The minimum amount of time you can run a campaign is one month. You can run your fundraiser for as long as you need, just keep in mind that your campaign must run in monthly increments. Your campaign's start date depends on the date that you select when you register your fundraiser and when you are approved to run your campaign. When selecting a start date, please keep in mind that it can take up to 2 business days to approve your fundraiser.

What if we don't meet our goal?
A: Meeting your goal is not required in order to receive your funds. At the end of your fundraiser, you will receive all funds from the purchases of your supporters.

When and how do we receive our funds?
A: You can keep up with supporter participation throughout the duration of the campaign by logging in to your account and viewing your dashboard. Once the campaign ends, we will email you the results and deliver your products. Once we verify that your supporters have received their products, we will send a check of all proceeds earned during the campaign to the address you have provided. The check is normally delivered within 2-4 weeks of the campaign end date. If your campaign exceeds one month, we will meet with you monthly to deliver your products and get a check mailed out to you.

Still have questions about fundraising? Contact Us.
A: For more questions about fundraising, please contact us at [email protected].

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