How long is my membership active?

Your membership will be active for 12 months after activation.

Will my membership automatically renew after expiration?

No. Memberships will not automatically renew. We will contact you prior to expiration to offer an extension of your membership.

What products are included in the membership discount?

The products shown on the shop's pages are the items that are available for a membership discount.

Once I register, how long will it take for my membership to become active?

Please allow up to three business days to receive your membership activation by email.

Can I get a discount if I am not a member?

No. Discounts are exclusive to members. Today we are offering a discount on memberships and would love to have you as a member.

Is my membership fee refundable?

No. Your savings will pay for your membership — and then some. But if you ever encounter any problems with your membership, please feel free to contact our support department.